Whiskers On Wednesday


Beamer goes through stages playing with his toys and now he is in a very active stage.  He always loves Big Grey but last night he actually brought 3 toys to bed with him.  As you can see Beamer has Big Grey, a funky catnip frog and I guess Cisco is sleeping on the small squeaky black mouse.  Last night all of the toys were in the living room so he was busy before he went to bed.

Dsc_0012   Photo003_2

Taz decided to join the pile of fur.  You can't tell me that cats aren't smart!

I did make pesto and here are the pictures to prove it.


After I finished the regular pesto, I had enough basil left to make some sun-dried tomato pesto.  I use my regular recipe and add enough sun-dried tomatoes until it tastes good.  I don't want the tomatoes to overpower the basil so I just keep adding until it's right.  Oh so good on pasta or bruschetta.


Stay cool!

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Knitting and Stuff

The Art From The Heart benefit and auction is tonight.  I finally decided on knitting a Mother Earth's Net Carry-All with an attached dishrag and Wisp a lacy scarf.


This is such a great bag and I have already knitted one for myself.  I used Araucania Nature Cotton color #06.  The pattern was free with purchase from Knit Nouveau.   I forgot to include the dishrag but it was the Ballband Dishcloth pattern and I used Sugar'n Cream in a vanilla color.

Wisp is a scarf pattern which I love from Knitty.  I used 1 ball of Kidsilk Haze in 627 Blood.


You never know at silent auctions how much these items might bring, but I just hope someone really likes either one and there is a bidding war.

I also finished the Tidal Wave socks for the SOS.

Dsc_0012   Dsc_0013

Tidal Wave pattern knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Oops

Size 1 1/2 DPNs

Started and finished in July

I am also working on the second pair of plain vanilla socks using Flat Feet Sock yarn.  Since I wasn't how this yarn was going to knit up I took the easy way out.  I do think the socks will look much better blocked.  These socks do not qualify for SOS since I started them before SOS began.


My next goal is to finish CeCe and a tank that I started for my sister's birthday.  I also have basil which needs to be harvested and made into pesto.  Pictures to follow if I make any progress on my goals.  Have a great rest of the weekend! 

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Whiskers on Wednesday


I got back from Atlanta late last night so here is an older picture of Taz and Cisco lounging and napping.



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Saturday Sky


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I am off to Atlanta for the market and will be there until late Tuesday night.  Have a great weekend!

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Whiskers on Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and you know what that means!  Last but not least Beamer is in the spotlight today. 


He is a Champagne Burmese and is the oldest (by just a little) over Cisco.  He has been our problem child recently and we have even taken him to a behaviorist who put him on medication.  For some reason after living in harmony with Hershey for at least 4 years , he decided he didn't like him anymore and started attacking him.  We have had to keep them separated but recently we have been able to at least leave the door open where the two have watched each other but with a little growling.  We have been using Feliway and think that might have helped.  Beamer is a real sweetie and loves to fetch.  He has a large grey mouse (aka big grey)  he loves to play with and will keep fetching until you give out.


In knitting news, I have turned the heel on the second Tidal Wave sock.  I have also hard time deciding what knitted items to donate to the Art From the Heart silent auction which benefits Studio by the Tracks.  SBTT is a non profit agency that provides a place for adults and children with autism to create art.  I stopped by Knit Nouveau to pick up the latest Spin Off magazine and saw a cotton net shopping bag on display.  That was it and I picked out Nature Cotton in this fun green.


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All About the Spinning

First of all I would like everyone for their very helpful suggestions for plying my first hand spun yarn.  I read a spinning book and checked the internet for any videos and decided to just go for it.  Since my 2 bobbins weren't equal, I spun some of the yarn from the larger one to the smaller one.  At the time I didn't take into consideration that my first yarn was a lot bulkier than my more current yarn ( I first started spinning this in January ) so as I got down to some of the finer spun yarn I decided to split the 2 skeins.    I think the thing that excited me the most was that the yarn hung straight after a bath.  So here they are!


Corriedale Pencil Roving in Avalon from Crown Mountain Farms  8 ounces

Bulky skein- 133 yards

Smaller skein -56 yards

I realize that I just need to practice more so that I did this weekend.  My spinning and plying have gotten more consistent and I might actually have yarn that I can knit.


Gale's Art BFL in Stormy Sea - 4 ounces - 175 yards

I also finished the first Tital Wave sock.


After a restful long weekend, back to the grind today.  Have a good week.

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Whiskers on Wednesday


Hershey our youngest, is in the spotlight today.  He is a Sable Burmese and therefore the name Hershey.  Dsc_0013

He always closes his eyes in pictures and I have a hard time taking a good one.  This morning I told him he had to help me since he was on the blog today and he cooperated!  Poor baby has had to stay in the back of the house the past several years since Beamer( the oldest) decided he didn't like him anymore.  With the help of Feliway we can at least leave the doors open and have not had any major cat fights.  Hershey doesn't venture too far from the back though and seems happy especially when Cisco and Taz visit.


He is very loving and when he wants to be petted or fed he has a very demanding meow.  He is a real sweetie and we are lucky to have him!

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One Pair Down and ? To Go

I finished my first pair of socks for the Summer of Socks.  I loved this pattern from Knitty and will definitely will use it again.


Spring Forward from Knitty

Fannie's Fingering Weight from Farmhouse Yarns

Size 1 1/2 DPNs

Started June 21  Finished June 29

I have been searching Ravelry for a pattern for my next pair and finally found Tidal Wave Sock from SWTC.  The pattern looks easy and one that I won't have to think too much.  The heat doesn't help my concentration any either.  I had a hard time trying to decide what yarn to use and I finally settled on Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns.  Now I am off to wind a skein so I will have a project to take with me.


My Dad sent a "mess" of okra and tomatoes and I know what I am having for dinner!


I also spun a little yesterday but since this was my really first nice roving that I used, I didn't know that I should have split the roving so I would have close to the same yardage on each bobbin, so now I will have to talk to some local friends to find out what I should do.  I love the color and just hope that I will have some usable yarn after I ply.



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Whiskers on Wednesday


Yes, Wednesday has come again so quickly.  I am going to spotlight Cisco a Champagne Burmese.   Of all of the kitties we have had Cisco is more like a dog.  He is always at the door to greet us and is also trying to slip out for freedom.  He has never been let outdoors on purpose, but has often gotten out the door before we realize what has happened.  He is very vocal and has never met e stranger!



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Summer of Socks Starts Today



The Summer of Socks starts today and I am ready with my yarn and pattern.  I have decided to knit Spring Forward from the new Knitty and the yarn is Fannie's Fingering Weight from Farnhouse Yarns in the Wildflowers colorway.  I have never knitted with this yarn and am looking forward to it and the pattern looks easy but interesting.  I know I won't knit the most socks but I will have fun trying!


Last night I did finish the Hedra socks also from Knitty.  I love this pattern and it looks a lot more complicated than it is.


Yarntini Semi-Solid Sock in the Lime Twist colorway

Size 1 1/2 DPN's

Started last year and finished June 20

Have a great weekend!

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