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The Race is Starting Soon


Yes the race starts Friday and our team Chronicles of Yarnia is going to win!  We have mapped out our strategy and I will be the first person to receive the box after out team captain.  For those of you not familiar with the DRT, Emily of Yarn Miracle has hosted the race for 3 years.  Participants will receive a box with a completed dishrag, a pattern, a goodie, and yarn to knit another dishrag to send to the next team member.  There are 10 teams with 10 people per team with the object being or last member receiving the box to mail Emily a finished dishrag and goodie.

Toni's(our team captain) daughter made our team's banner.


For a quick Whiskers on Wednesday I found the 2 arch enemies in very close proximity.  I don't even think that Beamer knew Hershey was in the room.


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Finally Three WIPs are FOs

I have done a good job sticking to old WIPs and not starting a new pair of socks. 


Swallowtail Lace Shawl By Evelyn Clark

Started September 2006
Finished August 2009 (Actually the knitting was done a long time ago but the finishing and blocking were just completed)

Yarn JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18

Love the pattern but it is more large scarf sized.  


Patchwork Scarf from Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes Magic Ball
Colorway  Enchanted Forest
Started December 2008 
Finished August 2009
Needles #6 


Feather and Fan Scarf 
Yarn  Hand Maiden Sea Silk
Started February 2007  
Finished August 2009

Last night as I was going outside to feed the fish I saw a large "bird" flying into the trees.  The fish didn't even come up for their food and were at the bottom of the pond so I know they were frightened.  I ran and grabbed the camera and think the "bird" is a hawk.  This morning my 5 koi are all accounted for!


Have a great day!

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A New Project and WOW

I have decided instead of knitting another pair of socks that I will finish a WIP first and of course I had to start a new project  After seeing Susan's new Feather Duster Shawl pattern I knew that it would be a great lightweight summer knit.  I am on the third repeat of Chart B and guess I am about 1/3 finished (no complicated math but just a guess).  I am using ShiBui Silk Cloud.

For Whiskers on Wednesday today I have no action shots but sleepy ones!

DSC_0020 Hershey

DSC_0028 Cisco

DSC_0015 Beamer and Taz

Have a great day!

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