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Knitting and Felting

I have been busy lately and not all of the work has been knitting.  Diane and I took a class from Jennif Chandler on Feather Light felted scarfs at SAFFand put what we learned in class to work.  Here are 3 scarfs that I made last weekend.  The technique is not hard but takes a little elbow grease.




 I also did a little stash enhancement at SAFF which I haven't showed you.  First up is a pile from Miss Babs who we had the pleasure to talk with when she wasn't busy.


I also started a scarf from Brooks Farm Duet yarn which is 50/50 kid mohair and fine wool.  I can see now what all of the hype is about Brooks Farm.  I might have also bought enough yarn for a sweater too but more on that later.


Busy day ahead so later!

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