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What a Wonderful Trip

We had such a good time that Diane and I are planning out next trip next year.   We ran into Mercedes and Kristen at the hotel from Knit Nouveau.  We were in sensory overload as soon as we walked in the door Friday morning.


We met up with Bibby at Gale's Art and shopped around together where we saw Tonni( who I found out was my Trick or Treat pal when I got home).  I didn't see Grace who was there too.


Diane and I took the Featherlight Felted Scarf and had a fun time.  Jennif was a great teacher and here is Diane with her scarf.

DSC00467     DSC00477  

Thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion we had a lovely and delicious dinner that night at the Southside Cafe.  

Saturday we shopped around more of course and took a Crocheted Beaded jewelry course where I didn't get any pictures because I was concentrating too much.  That night again per Elizabeth's suggestion we had a great salad and pizza at Apollo Flame Bistro.

Bright and early Sunday morning, Diane had a beginning spinning class and I had the fancy heel sock class that Charlene Schurch taught. She was a very good teacher and I can't wait to try out some of the techniques. I didn't even think to take my books for her to sign.  After class Vera came by class so we could meet. We have been blogging friends for years and I also got to meet her spinning husband Patrick.

We stopped by to see the animals too.

DSC00491   DSC00494  


We had a hard time leaving bu took the scenic way home.  The first stop was Dillsboroand some wonderful artsy shops.  Another scenic stop in Lake Junaluska.


On to Nanahala and the Ocoee (which I have actually rafted down). Earl was so inspired by SAFF that he knitted a scarf on the way home.


We can't wait until next year!

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Looks like an AWESOME trip!!!! It does sort of take your breath away when you see for the first time!!!

Can't wait to hear all about the classes!!! The felted scarf project looks like fun!!

With these cold temps...looks like Earl is going to need that scarf!! LOL!!!

Posted by: Crazy For Yarn In Alabama | Oct 28, 2008 9:57:01 AM

Look at Earl go! Sounds like you had a great time!

Posted by: elizabeth | Oct 28, 2008 10:18:17 AM

It was great to see you! SOunds like you and Diane had a great trip. Can't wait to see what all you purchased!

Posted by: Tonni | Oct 28, 2008 10:44:58 AM

I hate that I missed y'all!

Posted by: grace | Oct 28, 2008 11:59:59 AM

I'm so glad that you liked the Southside Cafe. It's hard to tell someone to go to a place to eat because one time it will be great and the next not so good. We've never been disappointed. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at SAFF. Wish I could have been here to show you around. Maybe next year!!!!

Posted by: Elizabeth | Oct 28, 2008 1:46:22 PM

Pat and I had a great time at SAFF too. It was wonderful to see you in person.

Posted by: Vera | Oct 28, 2008 3:14:13 PM

Looks like you had a great time! Loved the photos, especially the ones with Earl. LOL

I've rafted down the Nanahala, it was soooo much fun! And so beautiful there. I'd really love to do it again.

Posted by: Anita | Oct 28, 2008 3:24:43 PM

It looks like you had a great trip! It's a beautiful area too.

Posted by: Sydney | Oct 28, 2008 5:59:50 PM

Sounds like a great trip!!

I'm so jealous.

Posted by: Suzanne | Oct 28, 2008 7:43:27 PM

It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Posted by: Chris | Oct 28, 2008 9:04:53 PM

Looks like a great trip! Love all the pics of the animals.

Posted by: Jessi | Oct 28, 2008 9:47:29 PM

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