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On The Road

We took our time yesterday traveling to Fletcher, NC.  The first stop was Knich where Earl wanted to pose with the crazy bird out front.


We were good and decided to wait to purchase yarn at SAFF.  We had a wonderful lunch at Atkins Park and hit the road.  Next stop was the outlet mall in Commerce, Ga. 

On the road again where Earl guided us to the hotel.


After a good nights sleep we are all ready to shop  and take classes.

October 24, 2008 | Permalink


Woo Hoo.....sounds like a perfect road trip ending in the ultimate destination!!! Ya'll shop till you drop today!!!!!

Posted by: Crazy For Yarn In Alabama | Oct 24, 2008 9:48:38 AM

Earl looks like a cross between a lumberjack and Santa! I like him!

have fun!

Posted by: elizabeth | Oct 24, 2008 10:07:52 AM

Looks like you're off to a good start!

Posted by: Chris | Oct 24, 2008 7:00:04 PM

I'm here at SAFF, and I will be there tomorrow. Wish we could meet up.

Posted by: Vera | Oct 25, 2008 9:02:25 PM

What an AWESOME gnome! Hi Earl!!

Posted by: Monica | Nov 19, 2008 12:48:57 AM

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