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Today is another Whiskers on Wednesday and I must say that I don't have anything exciting to report.  We have had no major fights which I am thankful for and the "boys" are tired as usual.

Taz, Cisco and Beamer resting in their favorite bed of the moment.


Hershey begging for food even though he doesn't look underfed.


I have been knitting along on The Secret of the Stole III.  I have finished the second clue and the third clue will be out Friday.  I can see the pattern a lot better in the picture that when I just hold it up while knitting.  I an using Lorna's Lace Helen's Lace in Sage and am loving the Addi lace needle.



I also have almost finished the pair of Spring Forward socks using Jessi's hand dyed sock yarn in Tantalizing Teal.  I think the pattern and yarn make a good match.


I am still at home this morning waiting for the repairman to fix our AC unit.  We had a new unit installed this spring and I am hoping they will fix it right today.

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Whiskers on Wednesday


Just as I thought Beamer and Hershey were slowly able to live in the same house even though they did not associate with each other my bubble burst yesterday morning.  I was on the computer when I heard a full blown cat fight as in growling, hissing and pounding on the floor.  I jumped up yelling when Beamer ran out of Hershey's room all fluffed.  I think that Beamer wandered into the room and surprised Hershey.  The both hid for a while so I couldn't find them but later both seemed fine .  Last night however while petting Beamer in my lap I noticed some black spots on his fur and couldn't imagine what he could have gotten into.  I then noticed his ear had been scratched which I checked out and found that it wasn't too bad. 

Warning graphic photo ahead!


Taz and Cisco didn't seem to be bothered by all of the fuss.  Oh me, maybe one day we will have peace!

I have been working on Secret of the Stole III and only have 4 more rows on the first clue.  I have also started and almost finished a Spring Forward sock using the yarn I got fron Jessi.  The Wool Girl sock club installment arrived and it was a wonderful package!  Pictures later.

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I received a surprise package from Barbara Bretton of Romancing the Yarn and Fresh Content Daily...Maybe.  I had entered a contest in June and was excited to hear that I had been one of the lucky winners.   She sent me a skein of Austermann Step with Aloe , 2 skeins of Regia and a signed copy of her latest book Just Desserts.


She also has a new book Casting Spells scheduled for release in November.  I have already pre-ordered my copy and I think you would like this one Chris.  Thank you Barbara and I am looking forward to starting the book and knitting socks!

I finished and gifted the ChicKami that I knit for my sister's birthday last week.  She was excited and I just hope it fit.


Eden Madil  100% Bamboo in color 629

Size 3 (3.25mm) and Size 6 (4mm) needles.

Started June and finished August 5.

This is a great pattern and the bamboo yarn is very soft but I am afraid it will snag.  I guess time will tell.

We have had a relaxing weekend and the weather had been so much cooler(87 instead of 97).  I bought a basket of peaches with the intention of making an old fashioned cobbler but time has just gotten away from me.  Have a great week!

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Whiskers on Wednesday


Every time Whiskers on Wednesday comes around, my feline children just seem to want everyone to know that they have to work so hard that they have to rest when picture time comes around.  Here is what I had to work with this morning.




Hershey was under the bed so I wasn't able to even photograph him.

Have a good day and stay cool!

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A New Week and New Yarn

After a rough Friday at the Dentist with some major dental work, I came home, rested and knit a little the rest of the day.  I have to finish ChicKami from Chic Knits for my sister's birthday on Thursday.  Even though she picked the pattern and yarn, I don't want her to see it before I finish.  The pattern is easy and I might knit one for myself with stash yarn.

A couple of weeks ago, Cindy(from the other store) and I drove to Huntsville for a field trip to visit a couple of garden shops.  After getting a little lost we found The Greenery.  We enjoyed the visit and looked for anything that we might need to carry.  We also stopped at Summer Classics who carried a few plants.  Since we were in Huntsville I had to make a quick stop at Yarn Expressions where I made a little stash enhancement.


Pagewood Farm  Alyeska which is Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (80/10/10) in the Crayon colorway


Lorna's Laces  Helen's Lace in Sage for Secret of the Stole III


Since we hadn't had lunch we asked where to go and were told to visit Bridge Street Town Centre which was on our way home and across from the Space Center.  We had a wonderful lunch of Shrimp and Grits at Connors Steak and Seafood

I also bought some beautiful Superwash Merino fingering in Tantalizing Teal  from Jessi of Alabama Fiber Dreams fame.  You need to check out her beautiful hand dyed yarn and stitch markers.


My nephew's girlfriend drove up from New Orlean's (they are both in school at Tulane) to visit.  I had never met her but found out that she was a knitter so I made up a little care package for her.  Thinking she had never knitted socks, I put together yarn, a couple of easy patterns, needles and a bag.  I really think she will try socks and I told her they weren't as intimidating as they looked.  I did mention the Boyfriend Curse but I think socks will be ok.

That's all for now.  Have a good week and stay cool!

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